Bridging the gap from grief to joy

Loss does not define who you are. How you deal with it does.

Have you experienced a major loss?

Has the Pandemic derailed your everyday life?




Expressing your feelings to someone who understands, who has been through grief of her own, and who will walk with you on your journey of recovery.




Discerning your next steps, setting goals to move ahead, and finding a new life and a new normal that works for you and leads to happiness.




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I’m Mary Kathryn.  I have a coaching model to make what you imagine become real, coaching through and beyond grief. I use tools I’ve developed through years of coaching and training, and through study with other wonderful well-known coaches.

I’d love to hear from you. You can read more about how I approach my work here on my website. At any point, just click here to schedule a 15-minute complimentary phone call to find out if I’m the coach for you.




Working together


We may draw on a variety of methods to  get you to where you want to be. One day at a time, you will begin to discover that life is getting brighter, that you’re emerging stronger, feeling empowered, and finding some joy in each day.

I was first certified as a Joy Restoration (Grief) Coach and Relationship Specialist, later as a Graduate of the International Coach Academy and am now recognized as an Associate Certified Coach through the International Coach Federation. I have trained as a Grief Movement Guide under Paul Denniston, the founder of Grief Yoga, and am a Mental Fitness Coach.

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Working with groups

I’ve found that the skills that help us individually are also valuable in workplace settings, helping teams overcome the impact of the loss of a fellow employee or even setbacks in the business. I can begin with a group session, offer individual sessions as needed and follow up as needed.

I also offer coaching based on the Positive Intelligence program developed by Coach Shirzad Chamine of San Francisco, whose best-selling book, Positive Intelligence, has grown into a movement that continues to change the lives of thousands of individuals and led to tremendous business growth.

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Motivational speaking

Sharing my insights and learnings gives me joy, and I am always eager for the chance to speak to groups of any size. I draw on my own story, when appropriate, of surviving trauma and living to thrive despite kidney disease. I love to challenge listeners to be creative in making their own world a better place.

I work with civic and church groups on more practical matters of relevance and value in daily life, too, discussing such topics as:

•Caregiver Support
•Chronic Illness – After the Diagnosis
•Caring for the Self
•Relationship Loss
•Pandemic Care

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About me

Stories of recovery

While visiting California years ago, I was relaxing poolside when a random stranger began telling me her story. Unbeknownst to me, she was an actress. When she said, “Thanks for listening. You should be a life coach,” I was intrigued by what was to me a new term. Just a few months later, I enrolled in a coaching school and received my first certification as a Life Coach.

My life story includes recovery from severe childhood trauma, family alcoholism, the suicide of a close cousin, and other major life events at a young age. Working through those events led me into social work as a major in college, and gave me an incredible amount of compassion and empathy for those who go through loss of any kind.

Life strikes without warning 

Grief comes in many forms and often strikes without warning. I don’t profess to have answers. My own journey with chronic illness, resulting in a kidney transplant, the death of my father to Alzheimer’s, my mother’s battle with cancer and my recent move halfway across the country weren’t in my plans. The pandemic due to COVID-19 certainly wasn’t in my plans. Yet I have learned that when the pain of grief comes, committing to a way forward is the way to get through it, not forgetting the trauma or denying it, but pushing through it and honoring it.

I patiently walk the grief walk with clients and friends, just as others walked the grief walk with me. The most sacred moment I share is holding space with them in their pain. Being with clients when they are raw and hurting is an honor and a privilege, and I don’t take it lightly. When they are ready to move ahead it is an even bigger privilege, knowing how difficult their forward movement is for them.

The treasure of daily joy

Surviving loss and trauma is one thing but carrying on after the trauma is the real battle, discerning what’s next,  and finding joy in each day which is the real treasure.

A graduate of The Hutchison School and Arkansas State University (social work major), I also studied at Bowdoin College and Iliff School of Theology. I was licensed as a Realtor for several years and also as a social worker in the state of Arkansas.

I now live in the San Francisco Bay Area, attend First Presbyterian Church in San Anselmo, California, where I serve as a Deacon, and am an active member of PEO (a philanthropic organization). I love spending time with my little Havanese, Mercy, who is in training to be a Coaching therapy dog, and enjoy the many cultural activities the Bay Area offers.

If you want to find your joy, I’m the Coach for you.

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