Facing a major life transition?

Whether by choice or by necessity due to circumstances beyond your control, facing a major transition can be either an exciting or a frightening experience.

A Major Life Transition can be anything big in which you have to completely rethink and readjust your life and is either precipitated by a choice you make or by circumstances beyond your control, including:

Downsizing, Moving, Divorcing, Natural Disasters, Chronic Illness,
Caregiving, Death of a Loved One, Job Loss, Aging, Pandemics

Or the Transition could be from your own choice to make a change:

Career Change, Relocating, Furthering Education, Job Training,
The Birth of children or grandchildren, Retirement, Dating

If it feels like a huge change and adjustment for you, then it is a major life transition.

Having a Coach as you go through the transition process will help you have a smooth, successful, and empowering experience.

As your coach, I will:
•Offer a confidential space.
•Ask questions that enable you to tap into your inner strength
•Encourage you to rely on your own creativity
•Help you discover your potential
•Believe in your success
•Listen, encourage, motivate, hold you accountable, and hold space with you as you process feelings and examine possible obstacles
•Be your cheerleader
•Partner with you to build a roadmap to your destination
•Share your feelings, hopes, ideas, and dreams
•Support your continued progress

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I coach by a step by step process called the Grace Model, which allows for flexibility in the coaching process, yet also encourages forward progress and a positive outcome.

Your success is my success. As your coach, my responsibility is to lead you through a process that enables you to discover your inner strength and go forward with a new resilience and sense of excitement and empowerment.

I’m Mary Kathryn, and I’d love to hear from you. Click here to schedule a 20-minute complimentary phone call to find out if I’m the coach for you.


All coaching offered worldwide by phone or online by Zoom or Skype

Also offered in person in the San Francisco Bay Area only

Offered for your community, workplace, or nonprofit organization at a reduced rate


•Major Life Transition Coaching

•Caregiver Support Coaching

•Living Well (with a Chronic or Acute Illness) Coaching

Motivational speaking

•Speaking with organizations or groups and tailored to the audience being addressed

•Audience participation encouraged

Workshops and presentations

•Downsizing and/or Moving to a Retirement Center or Assisted Living

•Dating Safely in the 21st Century

•Aging with Grace

•Retiring with Joy

•Caregiver Support

•After the diagnosis of chronic or acute illness – What’s next?

Contact me for a complimentary 20 minute session to inquire about motivational speaking, coaching, or presentations.


From its beginning in 2013, my coaching business targeted those going through major life issues. I slowly began to coach more clients, whose lives as they knew it were ripped apart for whatever reason, forcing them to make major life decisions and to recreate themselves, and I morphed into a Major Life Transitions Coach based on the needs of my clientele.

I’ve worked with others who have made difficult decisions because of job loss, divorce, death of a loved one, chronic illness, or just because they wanted to reinvent themselves for a better life. It is possible to thrive despite life-altering issues, approaching them as challenges to be met and not complications to be feared.

I’ve coached on a variety of topics, led Caregiver Groups, offered workshops on Caregiving, Caring for the Self, Downsizing Successfully, Living Successfully with a Chronic Illness, Dating after 30, and other topics. I’ve conducted weekly hospital visits for my church and am certified as a Congregational Care Minister. As a Motivational Speaker, I share my story as a survivor of trauma and as a kidney transplant recipient among other topics, and I tailor my talks to my audience, challenging them to be creative in making their world a better place.

A graduate of The Hutchison School and Arkansas State University (social work major), I also studied at Bowdoin College in Maine and Iliff Theological School in Colorado. I was licensed as a Realtor for several years and also as a social worker in the state of Arkansas. In 2019, I graduated with a Coaching Certification from the International Coaching Academy with over 155 hours of classroom instruction and practical coaching. Previously, I was certified as a Joy Restoration (Grief) Coach and a Relationship Specialist through the Pastoral Counseling and Christian Counseling Academy.

I now live in the San Francisco Bay Area, attend First Presbyterian Church in San Anselmo, Calif., where I serve as a Deacon, and am an active member of PEO (a philanthropic organization). I love spending time with my little Havanese, Mercy, who is in training to be a Coaching therapy dog, and enjoy the many cultural activities the Bay Area offers.

If you are ready to see what a life coach can do for you, contact me to schedule a complimentary 20-minute phone call.