Thoughts on MLK Day

Monday, January 21, is a holiday, and many people in the country will have the day off. However, it’s not simply a day off, as holidays so often are approached, just as July 4 and Memorial Day aren’t simply days off. There is much more to these holidays and so often the reason for the days are overlooked.

On Monday, as we memorialize The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King,  Jr., I encourage you to go online and read some of  his speeches. They are beautifully written and thought out. His brilliance and model of change through peaceful protests are incredible. He had great hope for equal rights for all people. He lived and breathed acceptance of all people. He fought with his mind and with his words – not with loud, insulting words, but with peaceful, assertive words. He believed with all his heart in basic human rights  for all people, and for that, sadly, he was killed. 

What a shame that his dream of equal rights for all has still not come to total fruition. 

If you read just one of his speeches, read his “I Have a Dream Speech” Monday. It just might inspire you to read more of them. There is much wisdom in his words.