A Special Christmas, Day 13

Today is Day 13 of the 25 Days of Christmas.

As we continue to celebrate the 25 Days of Christmas together, apart, I want to thank you for sharing your stories with me. Hearing about how you’re taking part in some of these activities with friends and family is encouraging to me, and I also appreciate those of you who are sending me suggestions to use for my 25 Days series.

For Day 13 of the 25 Days, your activity is to think about a Christmas that was special to you. You may think about it, write about it, make a video telling about it, or call up someone who shared that special Christmas with you to tell them about it.

Think about some of these questions as you remember that special Christmas. What about that Christmas was special? Was it the people with you? Was it the location? Was it where you were in your life emotionally that year? Was it a particular event that made the day special? Was it just a feeling you had? Maybe you felt loved or cared for? Maybe you showed care to someone who needed to feel cared for or accepted and that made your Christmas special.

I encourage you to share your Christmas story. Special days need to be celebrated and remembered. Of course, not everyone can remember a special Christmas because you haven’t had one. If you have not, write about what would make your Christmas special.

The affirmation for Day 13 is “I remember and celebrate special moments.”