Validation, Day 14

Today is Day 14 of the 25 Days of Christmas.

As we continue to celebrate the 25 Days of Christmas together, apart, the activity for Day 14 is going to be a good one to do with children in your life. You will also like it if you’re creative and somewhat artistic.

I’d like you to use a sheet of paper and draw a big star on it, or if you think you’d like to hang the star on your Christmas tree, you might want to draw several smaller stars.

Think about a few of your best qualities, characteristics, or things you like about yourself, and write them in the points of the stars. You will need at least five of your best traits in order to fill all five points of the star. Then decorate the star with glitter or add some designs to it and hang it on your tree to remind you of how special you are.

This exercise is a good one to do in person or on Zoom with kids, as they need to be able to identify and own their good qualities. Share your star with them and ask them to tell you about theirs or to send you a picture of it. Validating yourself is important especially if you’re isolated more than usual because of the pandemic and aren’t receiving validation from others.

The affirmation for Day 14 is “I am unique and special.”