Making Plans, Day 16

Today is Day 16 of the 25 Days of Christmas.

Day 16 is already here, and the challenge for today is to begin to make your plans for Christmas Day. If you spend the day with family and friends most years, this year may be very different.

Waking up on Christmas morning and not having any plans for yourself will most likely be a big letdown. Having a plan in place can help prevent grief, loneliness, and any depression that you may feel.

What sounds like fun to you? Cooking your favorite Christmas fare and eating on your china with a friend on Zoom might appeal to you, or maybe you want to eat pizza on a paper plate and stay in your flannel pajamas while you eat on Zoom with a friend. Perhaps you want a quiet day alone and want to read while enjoying some hot chocolate and listening to Christmas music.

What you plan to do isn’t nearly as important as simply having a plan. Be sure you know ahead of time how you want to spend the day.

The affirmation for Day 16 is “I take care of myself by planning my days ahead of time.”