What’s Your Ideal Christmas? Day 23

Today is Day 23 of the 25 Days of Christmas.

If you have been following my videos and blogs for the last 23 days, you know I’ve been coming up with ideas and activities that we can do together even though we are socially distanced. Some of you have shared these with your friends or nieces and nephews, and some of you have even sent me some ideas of your own.

For Day 23’s activity, I would like you to dream about your perfect, ideal Christmas, and what it would be like. Think about whether you want to be in the snow or in the sand, and who is going to be with you. Dream about what you want to do while you’re there.

As you dream about your ideal Christmas, think about how and when you can make it happen. With careful planning, perhaps you can plan your dream Christmas for next year or maybe for ten years down the road, but holding on to the dream can be important. Of course, not all dreams become reality because plans change and circumstances change, yet I think this year in the middle of a pandemic Christmas, a liittle dreaming is allowed.

As you think about your ideal Christmas for the next 24 hours, just enjoy the dreaming, and then tomorrow night you will come back to the reality of the 2020 Pandemic Christmas and can make it a good one.

The affirmation for Day 23 is “I love to dream about possibilities.”