From its beginning in 2013, my coaching business targeted those going through major life issues. I slowly began to coach more clients, whose lives as they knew it were ripped apart for whatever reason, forcing them to make major life decisions and to recreate themselves, and I morphed into a Major Life Transitions Coach based on the needs of my clientele.

I’ve worked with others who have made difficult decisions because of job loss, divorce, death of a loved one, chronic illness, or just because they wanted to reinvent themselves for a better life. It is possible to thrive despite life-altering issues, approaching them as challenges to be met and not complications to be feared.

I’ve coached on a variety of topics, led Caregiver Groups, offered workshops on Caregiving, Caring for the Self, Downsizing Successfully, Living Successfully with a Chronic Illness, Dating after 30, and other topics. I’ve conducted weekly hospital visits for my church and am certified as a Congregational Care Minister. As a Motivational Speaker, I share my story as a survivor of trauma and as a kidney transplant recipient among other topics, and I tailor my talks to my audience, challenging them to be creative in making their world a better place.

A graduate of The Hutchison School and Arkansas State University (social work major), I also studied at Bowdoin College in Maine and Iliff Theological School in Colorado. I was licensed as a Realtor for several years and also as a social worker in the state of Arkansas. In 2019, I graduated with a Coaching Certification from the International Coaching Academy with over 155 hours of classroom instruction and practical coaching. Previously, I was certified as a Joy Restoration (Grief) Coach and a Relationship Specialist through the Pastoral Counseling and Christian Counseling Academy.

I now live in the San Francisco Bay Area, attend First Presbyterian Church in San Anselmo, Calif., where I serve as a Deacon, and am an active member of PEO (a philanthropic organization). I love spending time with my little Havanese, Mercy, who is in training to be a Coaching therapy dog, and enjoy the many cultural activities the Bay Area offers.

If you are ready to see what a life coach can do for you, contact me to schedule a complimentary 20-minute phone call.