I’m Mary Kathryn, and I love how coaching changes the lives of other people.

I’ve been there.

The suicide of a very close cousin first put me on a path to dealing with grief. With his death, I spiraled into a deep depression and had to face past grief and trauma issues of my own. I began to understand the impact on me of the behavior of my grandfather, who traumatized me when I was a small child by sexually abusing me, and father, who suffered from alcoholism and bipolar disorder.

I never thought I could get better, but I walked through the pain with the help of others, and now I’m walking through that pain with others by coaching them.

I was diagnosed with renal failure at the age of 27, due to an alcoholic doctor not checking my medication levels, and I thought my life was over. I almost died once from a kidney biopsy in which medical mistakes were made and nearly died a second time from a severe case of cytomegalovirus. At 38, I was diagnosed with M.S. and was in a wheelchair for several years, and still have side effects. I received a kidney transplant in 2011, yet I now deal with the slow chronic renal failure from that kidney, the severe anemia that goes with chronic disease, and can eat very little solid food because of three more surgeries after the transplant to help my kidney drain, resulting in large amounts of scar tissue. Yet I live each day to the fullest and encourage others with chronic illnesses to find joy in what they do.

I’ve both had a caregiver and been a caregiver, I’ve led Caregiver Support groups for several years, and I understand well the mixture of emotions that being a caregiver entails…pain, joy, anger, peace, forgiveness, resentment, exhaustion, rest, questioning.
I’ve lived your feelings and had your thoughts. I’ve struggled and overcome.

I give presentations, workshops, lead groups, and do motivational speaking to share how to thrive in these tough situations.

If you can relate at all, then I’m the coach and the speaker you want.

I recently moved to the San Francisco Bay Area from Little Rock, Arkansas, where I previously started coaching in 2013 through my business, Life Coach Arkansas, did motivational speaking and presentations and worked as a part-time administrative assistant at First United Methodist Church in Maumelle, Ark. I now do coaching work in the Bay Area as a Grief/Trauma Coach, Living Well with Chronic illness Coach, and a Motivational Speaker. In addition, I work part-time at Christ Presbyterian Church in Terra Linda, located in San Rafael.

A graduate of The Hutchison School and Arkansas State University (social work major), I also studied at Bowdoin College in Maine and Iliff Theological School in Colorado. I was licensed as a Realtor for several years and also as a social worker in the state of Arkansas.

I have led Caregiver Groups for many years and done hospital visits for my church. I am certified as a Congregational Care Minister and am also certified by the Professional Administrators of the United Methodist Connectional Structure (PAUMCS) as a church administrator.

I now attend First Presbyterian Church in San Anselmo, CA, where I serve as a Deacon. I’m an active member of PEO (a philanthropic organization), love spending time with my two small dogs, and enjoy the many cultural activities the Bay Area offers.

I realize the importance of having a positive attitude each day and being joyful and loving to myself and to others. I know that not dealing with past or present issues prevents people from following their dreams or reaching their potential.

I graduated from the International Coaching Academy in September of 2019, having previously been certified as a Joy Restoration (Grief) Coach and as a Relationship Specialist through the Professional Christian Coaching & Counseling Academy. I began coaching part-time in 2013, and am now devoting more and more time to my coaching career.