Explore Your Surroundings, Day 5

Today is Day 5 of the 25 Days of Christmas.

I am making an effort to post my video and blog earlier in the day at the request of a friend, who wants to take part in these challenges and activities with her grandson whom she can’t hug right now. I love that she is including him, and I encourage you to include your family and friends as well. It just solidifies my idea that we need things to do while we are together, apart. 

Lemon Tree in Backyard

For Day 5, I ask that you explore your surroundings in a new way. If you are out walking, take some time to find an unusual tree or rock you haven’t really noticed carefully before. If you’re indoors, look around you and find a special object, something that has meaning, or perhaps look out your window and notice something you haven’t really noticed before.

What about it got your attention? What significance does this have for you? I took a walk around the back yard and checked out a small lemon tree, recently planted, and carefully held one of the lemons in my hand. How amazing is it that a tiny little tree can produce such a beautiful and tasty lemon! How often do I actually notice it as it slowly grows. We all need to take the time to notice things around us and how they grow and change, or if it’s something sitting on a shelf, how it holds meaning for us. 

Have fun with the Day 5 activity. Maybe you’re even listening to your favorite new song from 2020 while you do today’s activity. 

The affirmation for Day 5 is “I am aware and mindful of my surroundings.”

Acts of Kindness, Day 4

Today is Day 4 of the 25 Days of Christmas. 

For today’s activity, challenge, or idea, I’d like you to perform a Random Act of Kindness. Doing something for someone else is a great way not only to make someone else’s day better but also to improve your own mood. In a time where many of us are living under shutdowns, being kind is a way to make isolation a bit more tolerable. 

If you’re going out and about, perhaps you let someone have a parking place you wanted or let them turn in front of you in line. If you’re home, perhaps you bake a cake for your neighbor or send a snail mail card to your friend’s child. 

Sharing a little kindness can go a long way.

Have fun with your act of kindness, and don’t forget to be kind to yourself in the process!

The affirmation for Day 4 of the 25 Days of Christmas is “I will be kind to myself and to others.”

Sharing Music, Day 3

For the 25 Days of Christmas, I am creating challenges, ideas, and activities to share with clients, friends, and others who will be sharing Christmas together, apart. I hope in this way we can all feel more connected to each other. Each day of the 25 days I will post a video on my social media and will also publish a blog here.

Day 3 of the 25 Days of Christmas activity is sharing music together. I have been on Google and found some of the most wonderful new Christmas music for 2020.

I challenge you to find some new songs that resonate with you for 2020 and post them in the comments on my Facebook page so we can all share the music together, apart. This is just one more way I am challenging friends, clients, and others to join in the holiday celebrations with each other. We are creating fun ways to stay connected since we can’t safely be in the same rooms with each other. 

You don’t need to have a music app. Just search for “new Christmas songs 2020” and you will find plenty of magazine and radio station websites that have playlists and reviews of new songs and new albums for this season.

Have fun discovering new music for this year. And while you’re finding the new music, practice repeating your affirmation for Day 3 which is “I have empathy for myself and for others.” 

Share the Christmas fun with music!

Reaching Out

Today is Day 2 of the 25 Days of Christmas

Day 2 is here! Yesterday I asked you to create a list of those who are important to you that you usually see at Christmas or those you want to remember.  

Look at your list and pick the one person on your list who is the most challenging to call, the one who might reject you, the one that you are a little scared to call. Call that person and tell them that you will miss them and you hope they have a wonderful holiday time.

Then pick a second person. This one will be someone you are comfortable calling, someone who is a safe person. Ask that person how you can be their Rudolph, how you can help make their holiday season a little brighter. Ask them how you can help light their way. 

If your safe person is someone who has died, write them a letter to tell them you miss them and that you hold them close to your heart. Read that letter to a trusted friend and feel your sadness, and then do something that honors their memory for you at Christmas. 

I challenge you to make the difficult call and to make the easy call. Reaching out to others is so very important, and sometimes you just need a boost to do it. 

So make your calls and come back tomorrow for Day 3, because Day 3’s activity will be a fun one. 

Your affirmation for Day 2 is “I give love and light to myself and to the world.”

25 Days of Christmas Together, Apart

San Francisco, Christmas 2019

Today is Day 1 of the 25 Days of Christmas!

Maybe you love Christmas as I do, and you’re wondering how you can spend it with others and have a little fun.

I have a solution for you!

Check out the 25 Days of Christmas blog and video each day for the next 25 days so we can have fun together, apart. Each day during the 25 Days I will post a video on Facebook here, https://www.facebook.com/OvercomerCoachCA,  and a blog here on my site that will describe a challenge, an idea, or an activity that we can all do together, apart. It’s a way to feel connected to others. 

Feel free to post a comment on my Facebook page as you participate in the activity each day. 

Today’s activity is to make a list of people who are important to you, those you usually spend time with during the 25 Days before Christmas, or those you have lost that you remember each year, or those you really wish you had reached out to in the few years. Be sure to put yourself at the top of the list. 

In tomorrow’s activity, we will use that list of people, so hold on to it. Join me tomorrow as I post the next activity.