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We may draw on a variety of methods to  get you to where you want to be. One day at a time, you will begin to discover that life is getting brighter, that you’re emerging stronger, feeling empowered, and finding some joy in each day.

I was first certified as a Joy Restoration (Grief) Coach and Relationship Specialist, later as a Graduate of the International Coach Academy and am now recognized as an Associate Certified Coach through the International Coach Federation. I have trained as a Grief Movement Guide under Paul Denniston, the founder of Grief Yoga, and am a Mental Fitness Coach.

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Working with groups

I’ve found that the skills that help us individually are also valuable in workplace settings, helping teams overcome the impact of the loss of a fellow employee or even setbacks in the business. I can begin with a group session, offer individual sessions as needed and follow up as needed.

I also offer coaching based on the Positive Intelligence program developed by Coach Shirzad Chamine of San Francisco, whose best-selling book, Positive Intelligence, has grown into a movement that continues to change the lives of thousands of individuals and led to tremendous business growth.

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Motivational speaking

Sharing my insights and learnings gives me joy, and I am always eager for the chance to speak to groups of any size. I draw on my own story, when appropriate, of surviving trauma and living to thrive despite kidney disease. I love to challenge listeners to be creative in making their own world a better place.

I work with civic and church groups on more practical matters of relevance and value in daily life, too, discussing such topics as:

•Caregiver Support
•Chronic Illness – After the Diagnosis
•Caring for the Self
•Relationship Loss
•Pandemic Care

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